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"Thank you, as always, for your support and guidance. You are most definitely one out of the box! We are very grateful for your advice."

16 Jan 2024

Jacinta C


Adolescent Physician t Monash Children’s Hospital

I had been divorced for many years and had little contact with my ex-wife. I was informed that my daughter had passed away intestate. I did not know what this meant and so contacted Duncan and Duncan Solicitors for advice.

They advised me that intestate means a person passed away without leaving a Will. As my daughter was not married both my ex-wife and I were entitled to make a claim on my daughter’s estate.

Duncan and Duncan negotiated a fair settlement between my ex-wife and me. They kept me informed of the progress of the claim and sent me the negotiated settlement when the court made the judgment. I would recommend Duncan and Duncan Solicitors to any person seeking professional legal advice.

06 Jan 2024

Don Etchels

I engaged a solicitor in QLD when my son passed away in that state. The solicitor had the file for over 12 months, and nothing had been done. I found Duncan & Duncan Solicitors on the internet and contacted them for a second opinion. They contacted my original solicitor and after a number of emails and phone calls they were able to retrieve my son’s file.

Once they had my sons file the process began very quickly. They collected all the necessary information and filed for a letter of administration. They located my son’s insurance policy and once the court had made their decision, I was able to take possession of my sons estate. Thank you, Robert and staff for the professional manner in which you handled this issue.

06 Jan 2024

Jeff Pargeter

With the many changes in our lives due to COVID, we made the decision to sell our Queensland investment property which was originally arranged through Duncan Solicitors.

We engaged Robert & the team and were impressed with their professionalism and quick turnaround of the sale (< 2 months from the real estate engagement to final settlement!)

Thanks Robert & Jarrod for all your efforts, we really appreciated all the work you put in to make it a smooth transaction.

I would definitely recommend Duncan & Duncan Solicitors to anyone buying or selling property in Queensland. They know what they're doing and do it well!

- Mark & Danielle, Central Coast - NSW

22 Oct 2021

Mark Freemantle

Duncan & Duncan is a very professional company. Everystep of the way was straightforward, attention to detail in respect to the pest & building report was hanled with my best interests in mind. The service was friendly and provides a buyer with confidence that everything will be handled correctly.

20 Oct 2021

Lloyd Robb

We recently sold our house at Hope Island in southeast Qld, and, after receiving a recommendation for Robert Duncan to handle the legal issues and transfers around this sale process, we engaged Robert as our solicitor to handle the transactions and the conveyance.

Due to issues that the purchasers had the sale process and settlement dragged out for an inordinately long period and was not without drama at the later stage around settlement, and we were impressed with the professionalism and efficiency with which Robert handled these issues on our behalf.

We consider that Robert was instrumental in ensuring resolution of these issues, and in securing the ultimate finalisation of settlement by the Purchasers of our property, and did so on a transparent and extremely reasonable cost basis.

We would sincerely recommend Robert Duncan as an approachable and affordable legal representative, and wish him every success in the upcoming establishment of his own legal practice.

15 Jul 2015

Alan Hayes

Chairman and Managing Director

Australian Pastoral Funds Management Pty Ltd

My mother recently died and I was grateful that her will was in place. As I was named executor, I called Robert Duncan to help through the process of distributing her assets. That prompted me to get my own affairs in order. Robert also helped me prepare my own will. He was very thorough in his questioning to make sure I put everything in place exactly the way I wanted it.

I would recommend Robert to anybody seeking to tidy up their estate planning.

04 Dec 2012

John Henneberry

Surfboard Manufacturer