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We will future proof your investments, shield your assets and establish your SMSF. It's complicated...but we do this every day of the week and know the system from every angle. It's too late when you retire to find out that your cheaply set up SMSF is not compliant. Our function is to provide you with the legal advice and procedures to establish a SMSF. If you are uncertain if you should establish a SMSF, we are affiliated with an Authorised Representative (Dianne Armbrust, No 001243868) of Capstone Financial Planning who hold an Australian Financial Services Licence No 223135. We take the stress and uncertainty out of the process...you just have to provide your instructions.

What we have is a totally compliant and comprehensive service that commences with a questionnaire to obtain the necessary information to establish your SMSF. We then produce the required documents and advise you on the process to open a bank account for your SMSF. We apply for your ABN and Tax File Number (TFN) then complete your existing Super Fund roll over form.

We have opened many SMSF's for a number of now, very happy clients. We take the mystery and pain out of the process and make it a pleasant seamless process. Would you like to talk with a representative in person?

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Why open a Self-Managed Super Fund

Traditional Industry Super Funds

Has your superannuation balance ever diminished in your industry super fund?

Do you get charged large fees by your industry super fund?

Do you have any real say in how your money is invested in your industry super fund?

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Does the thought of opening your own SMSF frighten you?

Well there is no need to be frightened, we know that you have no real experience in opening up or running your own SMSF so we take all the fear and pain out of it for you. We draw up your SMSF, incorporate the trustee company and the custodian company and then draw up the declaration of custody trust (bare trust) that allows you to borrow money for the purpose of purchasing a real estate asset.

Once the documents are executed by our client we place them in folders to keep them stored in a logical and secure manner. Many of our clients prefer us to hold the hard copies in our office while we provide them with a soft copy to file on their computer.

General requirements to set up a Self-Managed Super Fund

A self- managed super fund (SMSF) can now have one member or a maximum of six members. As a SMSF is a trust there must be a trustee. The trustee can be an individual or a company. There are heavy penalties for trustees who break the law whether or not intentionally, it is therefore preferable to have a company as your SMSF trustee. This will provide you with an extra layer of protection.

Self-Managed Super Fund Borrowing

Prior to 2007 SMSF's were not permitted to borrow money. The legislation changed to allow SMSF's to borrow for the purpose of purchasing investment real estate.

Eligible Purchases

Any commercial real estate can be purchased in a SMSF using the property as security for a loan. The commercial real estate can be let to a third party or to the members of the SMSF to run their own business. However there are strict rules covering the purchase of residential property.

Residential real estate must only be purchased with one contract. Simply put that means that a block of land can't be purchased on one contract and a contract to build a house on that land on a separate contract. That would be two contracts and is prohibited.

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